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Jacky Cheung (Counselling Psychologist)

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A member of Hong Kong Psychological Society

Master of Social Sciences in Counseling Psychology, Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Master of Social Sciences in Psychology (Schools and Community Settings), The Education University of Hong Kong 


Jacky Cheung is a counselling psychologist who strives to create a safe and secure environment for individuals seeking support to cope with their life challenges. He is dedicated to helping his clients discover their internal strengths and empowering them to overcome difficulties. Jacky‘s professional expertise encompasses a wide range of psychological domains, including personal growth, emotional regulation, academic and career counselling, mental health counselling, addiction counselling, and interpersonal relationship counselling.


His years of research work in the Early Childhood Education Department at the Education University of Hong Kong have provided him with valuable insights into children's learning styles, developmental needs, and effective teaching methods. Driven by his belief in the importance of humanistic values, Jacky advocates for the promotion of acceptance, love, and respect within families and schools.


Jacky’s dedication to enhancing mental well-being extends beyond academic settings. He has conducted seminars on addictive behaviours in primary and secondary schools. Additionally, he has organized workshops on learning motivation at music academies, equipping parents with practical strategies rooted in the "self-determination theory" to foster their children's motivation in learning music. During his tenure at the Gambling Counseling Center, Jacky provided individual and group counseling to help individuals overcome the negative impacts of gambling problems, including financial burdens, emotional distress, strained relationships, and health issues. He received invitations to speak as a guest lecturer at universities, where he has delivered a lecture on personality psychology at the Department of Psychology of the Education University of Hong Kong.


Currently, Jacky provides academic and emotional support for SEN student in primary and secondary schools as well as provides psychological support services to various corporations, offering stress management workshops, crisis intervention and individual and group counseling sessions.