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Janice Chan (陳靜怡)

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Self Photos / Files - 1Janice is a multi-talented Chinese-Canadian jazz-pop vocalist, pop-classical pianist, composer and educator who is based in Hong Kong. 


Janice has a bachelor's degree in both Economics and Music from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia, Canada), Piano Performance ATCL from Trinity College of Music (London), Advanced Certificate in Vocal Techniques & Performing Vocalist from Baron School of Music (HK) and a member of CASH (Composers & Authors Society of Hong Kong). She has about 10 years of experience teaching piano and toddler music playgroups, whereas about 6 years teaching voice and conducting primary and secondary acapella groups.  


Starting with a classical music background, Janice has pivoted to jazz gradually by actively performing as a jazz vocalist for 10 years in bar-restaurants, live-houses and private events in Hong Kong, Taipei and Japan while teaching music on the side.  She also participated in a lot of TV commercials, short-films and RTHK drama series as a freelance actress from 2012 to 2020. She works with students of all ages and levels and loves incorporating fun experimental games and activities into lessons. 


Her aim as a vocal/piano teacher is to motivate her students to improve, breakthrough, reach their new goals and strive to gain new skills. In lessons, she strives to inspire students to unlock their potential by incorporating a strong, solid technique and musicianship into the music that they enjoy singing or playing. Her teaching values involve 3 core elements:


Music Appreciation

It teaches students how to understand, listen and describe the contexts and creative processes involved in music composition.


Student-Focused Approach

It focuses on creating connections with students’ interests and the things they want to learn. This method is more on a technical level, such as helping them to work on complicated phrasing and rhythmic patterns and even improvising the phrasing and rhythm with variation. She strongly believes if the students can sing the melodies and the rhythm patterns, they absolutely have no problem translating them to the instruments that they played. 


Helping Talents to Grow

It provides performance opportunities and post-performance reviews for students from time to time throughout their music learning and exploring journey.


With her own original publicly released music works in the past, her music brings a distinctive angle to the listener, for example, original Film Scoring /Soundtrack,“Naïve”,2015 and Jazz Original Concept EP “Reminiscing…”, 2023