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Heidi Ho (何瑋婷)

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  • Self Photos / Files - HeidiHo10 years of teaching experience
  • Certification of Grade 8 ABRSM of piano
  • Participated in different musical performances
  • Use creative and interesting teaching method to enhance student’s memory
  • Vibrant and Cheerful characters bring student to open heart and relax
  • In Berlin for half a year to learn Western music
  • In America to learn music in a Western educational style


Children just likes a baby seed, it needs a good farmer to water and to nurture with care. Also, the timing of watering and giving nutrition are important.


In music, each child has his/her own talents and strengths. Patience, care, understanding and creative educational activity are a must. I would like to dedicate my life being the best possible farmer for my students!


Students awards and Exam results:

Elisa Wong (2022 Hong Kong Schools Music Festival Grade 2 piano 冠軍)

Sophie Xu (The 4th Hong Kong youth cup international music contest亞軍)

Sophie Xu (The 6th Hong Kong youth cup international music contest銀獎)

Sophie Xu (2022小小演奏家全港兒童鋼琴、管弦樂及敲擊樂大賽 季軍)

Sophie Xu (2020 HKIMAA international music & arts festival優秀獎)

Charlie Cheung (2020HKIMAA international music & arts festival嘉許獎)

Elisa Wong (ABRSM exam Grade 2 piano, Distinction, 136分)

Sophie Xu (ABRSM exam Grade 1 piano, Distinction, 134分)