Baby Music +

Education through Music – Preparing for School

Age: 6 months – 1.5; 1.5 – 2.5

With one or two adults in class

Through a great variety of music games and songs, we develop the baby’s big and small muscles, observation and hearing, eye hand co-ordination, ability to follow instructions and talking, cognition and memory, social skills and the structure of a class. Most important of all, is to build an interest in music and the love for learning.

Babies at this age are naturally drawn to music – they wiggle or feel peaceful. Hence, through playing music that they like and through repetition, they can develop a sense of routine and feeling of security. At the same time, we follow the rhythm of growth to change and deepen the programme, in order to enhance their ability.


Music +

Music Education – Best Foundation before Learning an Instrument

Age: 2.5 – 3.5; 3.5 – 4.5

Without adult in class

Firstly, we have to help the child to learn independently, without parents and learn well with others. Discipline, concentration, communication skills and the ability of waiting are essential. Hence, we start the lesson with yoga relaxation to train mindfulness. Then we move onto a series of music and arts activities, for example, make your instruments. Singing, music theory, knowledge on instruments, stories of composers are included.

Later on, we use books to learn piano, singing, score-reading, conducting, music theory, music history, and all the instruments. We also develop the child’s imagination, expression of emotions and confidence in performance. At the end of the course, the child will be able to pick an instrument that they really like.

Those who graduated from our Music + often surprise our instrumental teachers because they have everything needed. In the first lesson, they just need to learn posture; in the second lesson, they can already perform a little song. Most importantly, they are happy and confident, love SAM and love music!

Baby Music + and Music +: $3,120 ($260 x 12 classes, 1 hour per week)


There will be assessment before moving onto the next level.

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Cobie’s mother is thrilled to see her baby developing beautifully and happily at SAM for over a year. Cobie’s action, hearing, ability to follow instructions, confidence have been enhanced immensely. She is also surprised to find out that the programme in Baby Music + is very similar to the interview for kindergarten/nursery.

Cobie’s mother

Aria’s parents were delighted to find out that the games used in kindergarten’s interviews were similar to that of Baby Music +. The programme not only enhanced their child’s confidence and ability, but also helped preparing her for interviews. Aria has been studying at SAM for a year, and we are all thrilled to see her blossoming!

Aria’s parents 

The most fundamental behind music training, regardless of the instrument, is a pulsation and tonality training – the two most basic regular phenomena in nature. This helps the child’s brain development in rational thinking regardless of his age.

    Rosaline Pi
Famous vocal artist/writer/music critic