More Than Music – Mind, Body and Artistry

(Age 4 and above)

Through our observation and expertise, we match students with the right teacher and instrument, and develop their confidence in performance.

Following the Royal Academy of Music system, we offer each student a one-on-one instrumental lesson, performance class, music theory class, aural lesson, music history class, chamber music class, and master-class.

There are almost daily concerts given by SAM buddies at SAM. We also encourage students to be “little teacher” to help others. Through this, we are building a supportive community and training them to be used to performance.

At the Royal Academy of Music, there is training on Alexander technique. Here at SAM, we teach students on “mindfulness” and created our unique programme – “Yoga for Musicians”. The strong connection between mind and body enhances playing an instrument and helps facing challenges.

To make our courses fun and exciting, we created many exciting programmes, such as “Singing in a Castle” (musicals), “DIY music” (combining English literature and making instruments) and “Little Pianists” (use colour to learn piano playing).

We are proud to have an array of distinguished teachers, who have all studied music abroad and are passionate in bringing the best in the world to HK. Some are from top orchestras in Hong Kong and some are best-known musicians. Not only do they play well, but also they understand child psychology and teach with love, patience and encouragement.

Music Theory Class: $2,000 ($500 X 4 lessons1 hour each)

Aural lesson: $2,000 ($500 X 4 lessons1 hour each)

Yoga for Musicians: Group class $2,000 ($500 X 4 lessons1 hour each)

                                Private learn $3,200 ($800 X 4 lessons,45 minutes each)

DSE Music Class: $4,800 ($600 per hour2 hours each x 4 lessons)

Individual lesson:

levelTeacherPrincipalStar Teacher
Preliminary$600,45 min$700,30 min
$900,45 min
$1,200 or above,1 hr
Middle$700,1 hr$1,200,1 hr
High$850,1 hr$1,500,1 hr
Performance$1,000,1 hr$1,800,1 hr

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