About us

Best Music Academy of the Year

Winner of HKMOS Awards’ “Best Music Academy of the Year”, the Silver Academy of Music brings the best of UK music education to Hong Kong, inspiring children age 6 months to 16. Principal Jenny Lee graduated as a Master from the Royal Academy of Music and was RTHK’s “Top 10 Most Favourite English Presenter”. Our teachers are professional, loving and have studied abroad with an international horizon. While teaching music at the highest quality, we also emphasize on building student’s body, mind and character. Through tailored programmes, ample performing opportunities and the supportive culture of SAM buddies, we help each unique child to excel, to be joyful and confident, and to develop a lifelong passion for music!

In true art, one can “see and experience” the ideal world.  This makes him hopeful, motivated and even empowered to break the bounds of reality in life.  Of all art forms, the philosopher Nietzsche believes in the power of music the most.

        Rosaline Pi
Famous vocal artist/writer/music critic

“Music should be a beautiful inspiration to your life”

        Dan Zhu
International violinist