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Age 6 months – 4 .5

Divided into different levels, this is your music ‘A-B-C’ course, giving you the best music foundation before learning an instrument. Students’ sensory, body, mind and character will be developed alongside basic music theory, knowledge, singing and keyboard. We have loving teachers who understand child psychology and have Masters in music therapy.

Age 4 and above

Through our observation and expertise, we match students with the right teacher and instrument, and develop their confidence in performance.Following the Royal Academy of Music system, we offer each student a one-on-one instrumental lesson, performance class, music theory class, aural lesson, music history class, chamber music class, and master-class.

Age 6 and above

This is music learning in the 21st century! We inspire you with ‘Make your Music Robots’, ‘Write your Music Apps’, ‘Your VR Orchestra’ and many more. You may even find yourself learning music in an Apple store!